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Are you tired of spending hours researching and writing news articles or YouTube scripts? Phantom: Lofi Tutor is here to help! Our app uses cutting-edge technology to analyze real-time data and generate customized news articles and video scripts that are relevant and engaging.

Get up-to-the-minute news on your favorite topics, including politics, sports, entertainment, and more. Our AI algorithms scour the web to gather the latest information, and then use natural language generation to craft articles that are both informative and easy to read.

Create captivating YouTube videos that keep your audience engaged. With Phantom: Lofi Tutor, you'll have access to script templates for a variety of popular video formats, including tutorials, product demonstrations, and vlogs. Simply input your desired topic and let our app do the rest. The generated scripts are not only time-saving but also provide insightful perspectives, ensuring that your videos stand out from the crowd.

With Phantom: Lofi Tutor, you'll never be behind on the latest news or struggling to come up with video content ideas again. Sign up now and start creating compelling content that your audience will love!

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The Phantom: Lofi Tutor Extention is free of ads, analytics, trackers, and cookies. It doesn't gather any information about its users, the only data shared with the AI model ( being the prompts and context supplied by the user in order to generate a response.


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